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Social Campaign


Build awareness of the Jaguar brand and products to a millennial female consumer who's primarily media outlets are Instagram and Facebook.



The target audience Jaguar was seeking to connect with, had high engagement with content that pertained to horoscopes, quizzes and cultural moments. Utilizing this insight we created a social campaign based on associating Jaguar vehicles with the qualities of an astrological sign.  After collaborating with mixed media artist Prince Láuder to produce original zodilogicol artwork we then created over 30 ad-unit variations. Launched the weeks leading up to Valentine's, we targeted users based on birth-month and served the creative unit associated or compatible with their zodilogicol sign. In addition to the in-feed units an interactive "compatibility quiz" was created in Stories that drove further engagement and website traffic. This campaign exceeded previous automotive benchmarks in both engagement and recall amongst millennial consumers.

Creative Direction:

Brendan Moran


Art Direction: Ashleigh O'Dea

Copy: Zack Barangan

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