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Metaverse, In-Game, Digital and Social


Raise awareness and affinity of The North Face brand amongst young Gen​ Z and Alpha audiences, also promoting the iconic retro-styled Nupsie jacket. Since this target audience doesn't consume traditional media or heavily engage in the Meta social media platforms emerging media should be leveraged.  



Create a Metaverse presence for The North Face on Roblox—one of the largest online platforms amongst younger Gen Z and Alpha consumers. By creating both in-game experiences, give-away events and avatar items the brand is fully integrated into the existing user experience and behavior. Therefore the brand will be seen as a contributor and not a disrupter to this community, increasing affinity and awareness for the North Face and its products. A brand campaign and content for TikTok and Snapchat were also created to help drive initial engagement. 

Climate NFTs 


Created a script that monitors's real-time global climate data to trigger a uniquely trained GAN (generative adversarial network) to create images whenever a high temperature recored is broken in the world. These images are then minted into NFTs and sold on OpenSea with the initial sale proceeds going towards the purchase of carbon credits. While I'm still fine tuning the process and training AI data model I hope to make this a completely autonomous process in the near future. 


Gurugran Pakistain April 28th 2022

Richmond Virginia May 21st 2022

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