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Print, Digital, OOH, CRM Campaign 


Being introduced for the first time under the Mercedes-Benz marque the Sprinter faced perception challenges when it donned the three-pointed star. While by all measures the Sprinter was the superior product in almost all respects, the image of Mercedes-Benz as a luxury product with a higher than average price point made it critical to position it as the best-in-class product in its category. 



While the bulk of advertising in this segment centered around the vocational uses of these vehicles and competitive cost advantages. Rather than fighting the premium perception of the Mercedes-Benz brand, we choose to lean into it. Creating a campaign that would stand-out by showcasing the superior engineering of the Sprinter in an unexpected way. By looking at nature as our only true competition

Creative Direction:

Rory Braunstein, Brendan Moran


Art Direction: Brendan Moran

Copy: Rory Braunstein

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