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The Sprinter was facing competition from new lower-cost “clones” entering its market segment. While these vehicles may have replicated the Sprinter’s unique profile they still lacked the superior engineering, reliability and technology of the Sprinter.      



Needing to assert Sprinter’s class-leading features and reaffirm its credentials as an industrial-grade vehicle, we sought an authentic story as the ultimate proof-point–and found it in an endurance race called Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. To further capitalize on the brutality of the race and Mercedes-Benz’s consistent domination of it, we created extensions from PR activations, media content partnerships and the first-ever live remote YouTube broadcast from as automotive brand. 

Broadcast, Digital and Social

Creative Direction:
Brendan Moran

Art Direction:
Brendan Moran

Copy: Rory Braunstein

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